The Chief of Staff, 2011

IDF hierarchy manifested in the project Chief of Staff is a social model founded on chain of command, orders and obligatory obedience.

The artist explores the principles of the ideological warrior - loyalty, sacrifice, obedience and belief in tradition and the order of the world - by addressing the symbols of military cliché: the enemy as target; the dead - fallen solider as an angel (or demon); quantity as a value.

The military structure is an ordered, rational and formal domain. Each function and rank is represented by attributes of particular size, shape, material and color, from the chief of staff at the head of the structure to last of the privates. The military target element in the work expresses the individual, the personal, a part of the comprehensive group, a part of the whole. The reproduction of the target and its reoccurrence express the relation between the individual and the setting he is in, the tension between seniority and juniority and the fracture inherent to the system by its very definition.

161 one of kind paintings in various sizes.

Created as part of the ‘Nominator & Denominator’ exhibition at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art - 2011

Materials: Acrylic, silkscreen and resin on canvas.

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