Video installation and paintings 2005:

The installation deals with the geographical transition and the acclimation of young Israelis that are living in the Netherlands for at least three years. I have chosen a group of sixteen woman and man between the ages 25-40 that reflect a broad scale of the social layers in Israeli society.

Each and every member of the group went through an interview in English. The interviews have been filmed in sessions of 45 minutes.

The subjects were continuously confronted with questions about their time of stay in the Netherland, way of life, habits, identity, relationships (both romantic as well as friendships), shifting perspectives regarding Israel and Holland, legal status, passageways between countries and families and future aspirations, etc.

The first outcome of the interviews was 15 hours of personal monologues footage that reflected the subject’s attitude concerning the above-mentioned topics.

“I want to be Green” is a 13:37 minute installation where the visitor enters into an enclosed dark space where he is faced by images and voices that initially generate curiosity, followed by an intense attention to the meaning of the spoken words. He hears voices originating from projections of expressionless faces of two local actors, which suggest a dialog. Shortly the viewer realizes that the actors speak with different voices, and so they speak for all. The content of the spoken words seems at first to be a dialogue, but in fact it is a collage of many short monologues from the original voices of the interviewees.

The interviewee is faced with alienation from local community. He encounters an emotional struggle of separation from his country of birth, cultural isolation and the realization that there is no escape from being different and stranger in an adopted country. He is compelled to ask: “Do I really long to assimilate? Do I really want to be Green?”

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